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    David Wallace Plumbing - Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista, Westchester, and West Los Angeles

You can put your trust in David M. Wallace Plumbing. Owner Operated Plumbing repair and installation. All of our services are guaranteed. David has been a licensed plumber and has been in business for over 25 years. Unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value is why our loyal customers won't go anywhere else. We look forward to serving you!

                               The name you can trust! 

                                 D.M. Wallace Plumbing 



Our Daddy is the best Plumber in the Whole Wide World!
He's even taught me how to do it!! And my name's Kira!!




 Off to work we go, me and Alizah

 Dad, that was a long day. We look older!!

Sun beam smiles every morning!

Silly Daddy! He got stuck in the toilet!


And now a letter from my daughter Kira and Alizah:

It's true: Our Daddy is the best Plumber in the Whole Wide World! 

 Just ask his satisfied customers. There are lots and lots of them. And then, don’t even get us started telling you about the neighbors! I guess it’s kind of nice to have a plumber live near by, because they knock on our door when he gets home and ask my dad if he can come over and fix their plumbing problems! I think he must have done the whole street by now! Well okay, some of the street, but he’s expecting the 
others to come calling any day now! But that’s my dad, he loves to fix all kinds of plumbing problems. 


You see our dad believes that being the best you can is the way to stay ahead of the competition. He says that when you call him, then your problems become his problems from that moment on. He says that the most important thing is to do the job right the first time and put a smile on everyone’s face! 


He knows how to fix leaks and drips and rusting pipes and broken lines, clogged up toilets, backed up drains, and lots of other plumbing problems that we can’t explain yet. He told us that he learned his craft though 4 years of trade school and digging trenches - whatever that means? But he's covered the spectrum: New construction to remodel to Service and repair, although now being a One man company, he sticks to service and repair. And believe it or not, he even became certified as a plumbing inspector at one time! Anyway, he knows how to fix those things because he has the right tools and has been a plumber for 30 years which is much longer than we’ve been around. 


That’s why you should call our Daddy: David M. Wallace. We live right here in the west side and he’ll come over in his plumbing truck and make it all better. 


      Thank you for reading our letter and have a Happy Day! 

                                    Kira age 12 

                                  & Alizah age 9

                             Wallace Plumbing

                               Keep your pipes flowin'

                            with the Plumber worth knowin' 


                                                    Lic# 703293 


Wallace Plumbing for installation and repairs: toilets, leaky or broken faucets, broken tank style water heaters, water lines: copper pipe, pvc or galvanize, gas leaks at appliances, ice maker lines, laundry and dryer hook-up, laundry sinks, shower valves, bath tubs, kitchen sinks, bar sinks, bathroom sinks, sewer line clogs. David has extensive knowledge in plumbing codes, re-model and new construction plumbing. He prides himself on his hard work ethic and sense of excellence in a job well done. Please call him and know that your plumbing is in good hands.

Below are the shout-outs he's received from Peach-head, the University Parents Nursery School and the Ocean Charter moms and dads.

Also check out Wallace plumbing , I deleted the number by accident, maybe you can google him.  His name is David M. Wallace.

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Subject: [peachhead2] URGENT - Need Recs for Plumber
From: "rmilder2008" <rmilder@...>
Date: Fri, May 30, 2008 8:15 am

Anybody have any recommendations for plumbers who work in Hancock
Park? We need one today as we are leaving town for a week tomorrow and
have a leak under our house.


This is a HUGE shout out for David of Wallace Plumbing.

The plumbing in our house is funky and we have had so many problems recently -
David has
managed to fix two weird toilet problems. Solve why I always got a cold shower
after my
husband in the morning, and has cleaned out the blocked drains when we had a
backup in
the huge rains recently. In the last instance he had to go through 3 different
cleanouts and go
almost out to the street - all while the rain came and went.

He has arrived when he said he would, always calls back quickly, explains what
he is going to
do and is reasonably priced. I really can't recommend him more highly.

If you need any plumbing work done please give him a call:

David Wallace
Wallace Plumbing
(310) 717 6895

Shout out for David Wallace Plumbing

I just wanted to give a shout out for the wonderful work of David Wallace (David
Wallace Plumbing: 310-717-6895). He quickly diagnosed and fixed a problem that
3 prior plumbers had failed to fully address and probably saved my sanity in the
process. He is fantastic!

Re:Shout out for Wallace Plumbing-great Peachhead plumber

I agree.  My son flushed something down the toilet and clogged it.  David was here very quickly and solved the problem professionally.  I would definitely use him again!


Re:Shout out for David Wallace Plumbing

I had David Wallace come out to my place as well.  I posted about my prior plumber charging me per job (each sink/tub, etc) rather than hourly.  David charged me an hourly rate and even went to my other place down the street too.  He was quick and reasonable.

Linda Perry

Re:Plumber Needed

David Wallace just came to help us with a leak in our kitchen ceiling.
It was totally mystifying where the leak was coming from but he stuck
with me until we figured it out. I felt comfortable having him in my
home and would recommend him if you need a plumber.

Re:Plumber Needed

David just finished removing and replacing a bathroom faucet at our
house. He was efficient, capable and a pleasure to work with. I highly
recommend him!


--- In, "Tracy" <tracylevinewallace@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> This is David's wife Tracy, just saying thanks for the "shout out." All the
free advertising we can get, helps!!!! Happy holidays.
> The Wallace's
> --- In, "hwstropp" <hwstropp@> wrote:
> >
> > Hello everyone! I just had another great experience with David and have to
keep reminding you to use him if you need a plumber. He fixed my problem in 10
minutes and then stuck around to help me an electrical issue I was having as
well. All around good and honest guy.
> > David Wallace Plumbing: 310-717-6895
> >

Re: Plumber needed

I can highly recommend David Wallace of Wallace Plumbing 310 717 6895. I got
his name
from a Peachhead recommendation and he was great. Arrived when he said he would,
did a
great job, left no mess and very reasonably priced.


--- In, "Tiffany Wright" <tiffany@...> wrote:
> I thought I posted this and now can't see if it comes up twice
> sorry.
> I am in need of a plumber or handyman for a small plumbing job.
> Can anyone recommend someone.
> Thank you
> Tiffany

Re: plumber needed

Here is the info for David Wallace:

David 310-717-6895
Wallace Plumbing Lic # C-36-703293

I actually haven't had to use him for plumbing(knock wood) but other people I
know have said good things. Our daughters play together and the family is very
nice and I'm sure he would be quite fair and honest.

Best wishes,
--- In, "melissaharrisusa" <melissaharrisusa@...>
> Hi,
> A few months ago someone kindly posted a great recommendation for a plumber- I
think it was a wife talking about her husband? I've lost the number...could
anyone recommend a great plumber on the westside?
> Thanks

plumber needed

I sent an e-mail to a fellow PHer whose husband is a plumber here on the westside. Hopefully she will pick it up soon. I don't have his # but if you call info- his name is DAvid Wallace.

Just wanted to share an experience. Had a kitchen sink that wouldn't drain and
David came
over within hours and fixed it with a smile and a few laughs. On top of that, he
brought Kira
with him which just thrilled Sadie, Layla and Marley!

So for a really fair price, I got my sink fixed and a play date! How can you
beat that?! I can't
thank him enough for helping us out and couldn't recommend him more. If you need
a great
plummer, use David Wallace, dad of Kira in the Monkey Room.

I too have to say thank you to David Wallace. I had a plubming problem
that David took care of right away. Thanks David!
Monique Peace

I just wanted to recommend David Wallace to anyone who is looking for a plumber.
He came
recommended from a Peachhead mom and he really was wonderful, reasonably priced
very knowledgeable. Just wanted to post his info in case anyone is looking for a
plumber now
or in the future. His number is 310-717-6895.

I just want to give a shout out to David Wallace and his plumbing services.
After having a couple of negative experiences with some of the bigger plumbing
outfits in Los Angeles, I went on peachhead and did a search for a plumber.
David came highly recommended and he is also a husband of a peachhead mom.

We have used him a few times now, and he has always been punctual, professional
and reasonably priced. What prompted me to do a shout out today is that we woke
up this morning, Saturday, to a leak from our toilet on the top floor that was
dripping down through the ceiling to the bottom level of our home. He
immediately came an fixed it and it's a Saturday no less. I highly recommend

David Wallace 310-717-6895

I have had David Wallace come out a few times for non-emergency things and he
has always been great and reasonable. The other night I called him in a panic
when I touched a pipe under my sink because it was leaking and my finger made a
hole in it...not good. David came out early the next morning and fixed it right
away and once again was reasonably priced. I used to freak every time I had a
plumber come out because it was always so expensive and they charged me a
separate amount for each little thing. David doesn't do that and I love that
about him. His wife is a Peachheader and he also gives a Peachhead discount. I
no longer freak out as much when I have to call my plumber: David's number is

Linda Perry


I just worked with a great plumber 
on a project in our condo.

 David Wallace (I found him through peachhead). He just installed
a garbage disposal for me and helped with a clogged drain. He is as great as
everyone says he is. :) (310)717-6895

Feel free to e-mail me directly if you need more info.


Hi everyone.  Just wanted to say that David Wallace of Wallace Plumbing came to fix a few different things at my place and he did a great job. He was professional, knowledgeable and has reasonable rates. He is giving a 10% discount to all first time Peachhead customers and I would definitely call on David again. 310-717-6895.

Erin :)

Hi all! Over the past 6 months, we've had 2 plumbers come out to try to fix a
problem with our toilet, and, several hundred dollars later, we still had a
problem with this toilet. Last week I finally couldn't stand it anymore... the
noise was now waking me nightly, so I searched peachhead for a plumber and found
that David Wallace was highly recommended and I gave him a call. He called me
back within 10 minutes of me leaving a message at 7:15 in the morning. We were
able to agree on a time for the next day. He was on time and HE FIXED THE
PROBLEM FOR A REASONABLE RATE. And he's a very nice man. Give David a call if
you need a plumber.

David Wallace 310-717-6895

Hi All,

I want to share my experience and recommend David's service to the
UPNS family. We had water backing up from our kitchen sink Monday
morning. David was able to come over in a short notice on a Labor
Day. He arrived in the early afternoon and spent four hours to get the
stubborn clog out:-). We live in a condo so the plumbing is a bit
more complicated than a house. He was very determind and informative
along the way.

Thanks to David, we were able to use water again,especially shower!!

Just in case you misplaced the flyer from David (very glad that I kept
it) Here's his info: Wallace Plumbing 310-717-6895. He offers very
good deal to the UPNS family.

Lilan (Jiyen's Mom)

Hello All,

Just wanted to share that we've used David Wallace three times in the last few months and are so happy with his services!  He's always called us back promptly, helps with various smaller plumbing issues when he's fixed our problems and is sweet as pie.

Here's his info:
David Wallace: 310.717.6895

Have a delicious weekend!
Clemence Gossett

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David Wallace 310/717-6895 helped us out with several
plumbing problems. He was fantastic!

David Wallace plumber did a great job for us a couple of times (don’t have his number handy but do a search for him).  For handyman I used Jacob .  He was great as well 310-913-9944

David Wallace is a very honest plumber who just might be able to do handywork
too. He is great! Doesn't hurt to ask. 310.717.6895. He's a peachhead dad too.

Erin :)

--- In, "juventina_2008" <juventina_2008@...> wrote:
> Hello all
> Does anyone here know of an honest plummer and handy man? that way I do not
have to call adee dee doo, plus I would like to say some money if possible.
> J

David Wallace 310.717.6895 is a peachhead dad and plumber. He's totally honest!

David came over yesterday to fix my leaking kitchen sink. He fixed it in 5
minutes and even cleaned up my mess under the sink! He was great and I will
definitely be using him in the future! He even gave me a Peachhead discount!!!

At Lauren's nursery school (UPNS, co-op) one of the dads is a plumber, David Wallace.  I have met him, he has a cute sweet kid, and his wife is cool too.  I've never used his plumbing services (because I have a home warranty that sends a contracted plumber, I don't pick) but other people have said nice things.  I would say, call him up, tell him what the job entails, tell him you got a referral from someone through UPNS  and see what his rate is.  He seems like an honest guy.

Here's an email from one of the other UPNS parents:

>I want to share my experience and recommend David's service to the
>UPNS family. We had water backing up from our kitchen sink Monday
>morning. David was able to come over in a short notice on a Labor
>Day. He arrived in the early afternoon and spent four hours to get the
>stubborn clog out:-). We live in a condo so the plumbing is a bit
>more complicated than a house. He was very determind and informative
>along the way.

>Thanks to David, we were able to use water again,especially shower!!

>Just in case you misplaced the flyer from David (very glad that I kept
>it) Here's his info: Wallace Plumbing 310-717-6895. He offers very
>good deal to the UPNS family.

On Fri, Apr 10, 2009 at 12:15 PM, Jill DaSilva <jilldhammagirl@> wrote:

Hi again,
We need a plumber to connect our dryer... it's gas.  Simple job.  (Considering buying the tools... might be cheaper than a plumber!)
Would love any recommendations for a plumber in SM!
Thanks so much!

> Hi,
> I just worked with a great electrician and a great plumber (two separate
people) on projects in our condo.
> The electrician's name was Samvel Atoyan (818)951-0949 ssaelectric@...
> He installed a bathroom exhaust fan for me at a very reasonable price (which
included the fan). Sam did a great job and I would highly recommend him for any
projects requiring an electrician.
> The plumber was David Wallace (I found him through peachhead). He just
installed a garbage disposal for me and helped with a clogged drain. He is as
great as everyone says he is. :) (310)717-6895
> Feel free to e-mail me directly if you need more info.
> Lynne

Re: need plumber asap

David Wallace - I got his name on Peachead - he just fixed a sink leak that was
draining underneath the house. He was great, and fast.

Hi all, We just had David Wallace (a licensed plumber; Kira's dad in the Dolphin room) over to fix a nasty clog in our pipes. He was terrific; I can't recommend him highly enough. He was on time, thorough, very clear in all his explanations (he was here for almost 4 hours and he gave me regular updates on what he was doing and finding). And his rates were really reasonable. So, if you need a plumber, call David! David Wallace 310 717-6895 - Marissa (Gibson's mom in the Monkey room) -
- - I also second (third?) Marissa's recommendation for David Wallace. - - About a month ago, he came to our home to repair a leaking valve in the shower. He is a very detailed worker and explained everything to me. He offered to buy and replace the part, but he also told me that I could do it myself, explaining where to go, exactly what part to buy, and how to install it myself. - - I would hire him again! - - --Israel (Anna's dad, Dolphins) -
David Wallace Plumbing does it again! I followed the advice of the UPNS families and called David Wallace to come and fix my bathroom sink. My sink has been broken for months. David came in, and within minutes; he was walking out of my front door. He was precise, punctual, and professional. I could be his cheerleader. David, David, he's your man; if he can't do it, no one can! - Rachel Graves -
- I have had David Wallace (dad of Kira in Monkey room) come to deal with some - plumbing issues at my house before. When I approched him today about a minor - leak in my bathroom, he was able to come over right away and take a look. It - turned out to be something really minor that I could fix myself, but I just - wanted to thank him for his time and suggest to anyone dealing with plumbing - problems to seek him out. He is reasonably priced, prompt and pleasant to work - with. - - Thanks David! - - Karen Parkhouse - (mom of Megan, monkey room) -
Hi All, Just wanted to let you know what a nice plumbing repair experience I just had with David Wallace (Kira's dad from the Monkey Room). He quickly helped us out with our plumbing issue, was prompt, and very reasonable. Totally recommend him for your plumbing problems. Marisol and Ruben - (Araceli and Brendan's parents) -

Shout out here: I found a plumbing referral here for David Wallace (good plumbers are so hard to find!) and both times he has been professional, punctual and very fairly priced. Thanks Peachhead! :) Jennifer Schweickert If anyone is tired of a flaky plumber and are looking to upgrade, you can reach David at 310-717-6895

Hi All,

After three years of going from plumber to plumber in frustrating agony, lo and behold, we find David Wallace, dad to one of our very own Seastars.

David came into our home and solved some plumbing issues we'd been having for three years in absolutely no time at all.

Great attitude, quick worker and a fair price.

We highly recommend him!

The Alvarez's (Momma and Daddy Seahorse to Amelie)

Just wanted to recommend David Wallace if you need a plumber. He called me back immediately, showed up when he said he would, and took care of our plumbing problem quickly and professionally.

He came recommended from another poster on PH, so thank you!

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